McGregor Winery


Sauvignon Blanc 2023


The vineyard is situated in the mountain area above McGregor at an altitude of 450m above sea level. The soil is weathered shale.

Alcohol Vol% Total acid g/l Residual Sugar g/l Total SO2 mg/l pH
13.97 5.9 4.3 134 3.64


The grapes were harvested before sunrise, on a cool morning. The grapes were then offloaded and processed with the use of dry ice. This ensures that the juice stays fresh and prevent oxidation of juice. Skin contacted occurred in a closed juice separator for approximately 45 min, to ensure the extraction of methoxypyrazines, which is responsible for the green pepper and asparagus flavours in the wine. The juice is cold fermented at 12 degrees. The wine is kept on fine lees for 3 weeks before bottling.


A slight green tint on this pale white wine expresses the freshness and youth of this wine.

The harmonised blend of different tanks a variety of flavours from tropical fruit, grapefruit to undertones of lime. it leaves a pleasant and long refreshing aftertaste.


Tempura prawns served with sweet chilli sauce and radish pickle.