McGregor Winery

Roodezandt Wines in the Robertson-area is a focused wine company with its core business – bulk supply to mainly overseas multiple retailers in Europe and North America for their “exclusive brands” as well as supply to restaurants for their own-label wines.

Our business philosophy is to build long term business relationships based on:

– reliability in supply and
– consistency in quality, determined by the clients’ desired price-quality ratio requirements.

We ship annually millions of litres to multiple retailers abroad, mainly to be bottled as close as possible to the market place at buyers own-bottling facilities or contracted bottlers.

We cover the full quality spectrum of buyers’ bulk needs re quality and price-point(s). Our experience the last couple of years indicate that the perception re South African wine, as just “cheap and cheerful” – is changing significantly towards more mid-tier and higher quality levels – with a notable trend towards tailor-made white and red blends with a value proposition for specific wine consumers.

Roodezandt, in co-operation with multiple retailers and restaurant owners, ensure that labels on shelves and in restaurants reflect the authenticity and “wine of origin” of South Africa to the benefit of consumers.

As a result of increasing European tourists visiting South Africa – this strategy is paying off as people are looking for SA wine upon their return to their home countries.

South Africa have notable volumes of good quality Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, with the flexibility of white blends and among the reds the unique South African red – Pinotage and red varietal blends, offering various taste options.

All wines can be blended and get export ready from our premises in the Robertson area.

Mynhardt Marais

Marketing and Sales Manager, Bulk Wine Exports