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The McGregor History

The history of the picturesque McGregor is a very interesting one, and one that largely contributes to the charm of this town. Dating back to the 1700’s, Mcgregor started when the farmers migrated to the Overberg region in search of better farming lands. Many of them settled around the area of McGregor due to the fertile soil. The settlers that moved into the area were extremely religious and therefore the church was the first to  be built and the rest of the town grew around it.

The town was officially founded in 1862 and was originally named Lady Grey. In 1906 it was renamed and gazetted in honour of Reverend Andrew McGregor, who had been the Dutch reformed minister in the Robertson and surrounding area for 40 years. Reverend Andrew played a vital role in the development in the region.

Back then, when plots were auctioned off, it was said that the main road to Cape Town would be built right next to the town. Obviously, this road was never built, and therefore McGregor remained on the outskirts of the region as it is today.

This also contributes to the authentic Old Cape region look and feel of the town where cattle still roam free and the residential area still has the old washed white and thatched roof look to it. To this day, McGregor is one of the handful of villages that still have grazing rights for livestock on the village plots.

A town to add on your bucket list!