McGregor Winery


Celebrating over
70 Years

The small village of Mcgregor and the vineyards surrounding it are situated at the foothills of the Riviersonderend Mountains.  The village itself is an image of where time has stood still over the years; it is where the people are not bothered by the concept of time and one suddenly forgets the daily apprehensions when entering the wide gravel streets.

The rural area surrounding the village is characterised by a rugged landscape and a variety of fauna and striking flora just waiting to be discovered.  In between the inspiring landscape lie the most prized vineyards exposed to the unique climate of the Mcgregor area.

The vineyards are grown from the slopes of the Riviersonderend mountains to the 3 different river valleys with altitudes varying from 200 to 350 meters above sea-level – each of these terroirs delivering unique flavour profiles and minerality to the wine.  The average age of the vineyards are about 15 years old with the average yield between 12 and 15 tons per hectare.  McGregor Winery was established in 1948, thus it has been in existence for more than 70 years.  We have 20 farms, each with vineyards planted to suit their unique terroir.  Making close to 10 million litres of wine per annum, Mcgregor is a serious player in the broader region.  Being the only big scale winery in the Mcgregor Wine of Origin scheme, it is the only winery able to commercially produce wines for a large market segment.

Wines made from the McGregor area have an unforgettable charm; and this is where the McGregor range drew inspiration from. Each wine is crafted to reflect McGregor’s nature in its flavours.

est. 1948